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Clark Gable Quotes
(about “Gone With The Wind”)


Clark Gable as 'Rhett Butler' and Vivien Leigh as 'Scarlet O'Hara' in "Gone With The Wind" (1939)


“I was scared, when I discovered that I had been cast by the public. I felt that every reader would have a different idea as to how Rhett should be played on the screen, and I didn’t see how I could please everybody.”

“I discovered that Rhett was even harder to play than I had anticipated. With so much of Scarlett preceding his entrance, Rhett’s scenes were all climaxes. There was a chance to build up to Scarlett, but Rhett represented drama and action every time he appeared. He didn’t figure in any of the battle scenes, being a guy who hated war, amid he wasn’t in the toughest of the siege of Atlanta shots. What I was fighting for was to hold my own in the first half of the picture – which is all Vivien’s – because I felt that after the scene with the baby, Bonnie, Rhett could control the end of the film. That scene where Bonnie dies, and the scene where I strike Scarlett and she accidentally tumbles down stairs, thus losing her unborn child, were the two that worried me most.”  (on playing Rhett Butler)

“The public interest in my playing Rhett puzzled me. I was the only one, apparently, who didn’t take it for granted that I would. I found myself trapped by a series of circumstances over which I had no control. It was a funny feeling. I think I know now how a fly must react after being caught in a spider’s web. Scarlett doesn’t always love Rhett. It’s the first time that the girl isn’t sure that she wants me from the minute she sets eyes on me.”

“Damn it. I never conceived of this. When I rode through Atlanta’s streets today it wasn’t like an opening at Grauman’s Chinese at Hollywood. It wasn’t like anything I ever experienced in my life. It was almost too big for me to take. For the first time I actually realized I wasn’t Clark Gable to Atlanta, but Rhett Butler.” Then he laughed… a sort of nervous laugh… and added: “And I hope to heaven when I leave here tomorrow night, after everybody has seen the picture, that I leave as Rhett Butler and not Clark Gable.”  (Miami News 1939 on public reaction to “Gone with the Wind”)

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